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Students of Drug and alcohol Florida Course

Ecstasy is a stimulant that has hallucinogenic properties. It produces intensely pleasurable effects, including an enhanced sense of self-confidence and energy. In the Drugandalcoholtestflorida.com course, it is explained that other effects include feelings of peacefulness, acceptance, and empathy, a desire to touch others, involuntary teeth clenching, loss of inhibitions, transfixion on sights and sounds, nausea, blurred vision, chills and/or sweating, seizures, and increased heart rate and blood pressure. After-effects of use can include sleep problems, anxiety, paranoia, and depression. (These symptoms can develop weeks or months after using Ecstasy.)

Repeated use of Ecstasy may damage the cells that produce serotonin, a substance that regulates a person’s mood, appetite, pain, learning and memory. The stimulating effects of Ecstasy may increase a user’s level of physical activity, causing severe dehydration and dramatic increases in body temperature. This can lead to muscle breakdown and failure of the kidneys, liver and cardiovascular functions. Drinking water while physically active can be hazardous. Guzzling too much water may cause sodium levels to drop so much that the water is absorbed into brain cells, leading them to swell; this creates a potentially fatal condition known as hyponatremia.

GHB is a depressant. At lower doses, GHB can relieve anxiety and produce relaxation. Combining use with other drugs such as alcohol can result in nausea and difficulty breathing. GHB may also produce withdrawal effects, including insomnia, anxiety, tremors, and sweating. As the dose increases, the sedative effects may result in sleep and eventual coma or death. GHB has reportedly been used in cases of date rape; because GHB is odorless and tasteless, it can be slipped into someone's drink without detection.

Rohypnol is a depressant. It creates a sleepy, relaxed, and drunk feeling that lasts 2 to 8 hours. Other effects may include blackouts with a compete loss of memory, dizziness and disorientation, nausea, difficulty with motor movements and speaking. Rohypnol can produce physical and psychological dependence.

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