If you're bored, try one of the activities available in the area.
If your looking for something to around the area, you might find one of the activities we have listed appealing. Click here for a list of area activities.

If you are still looking for something to do, you should consider volunteering. We have partnered with many local organizations to provide opportunities for volunteering. Some ideas are listed below:

Youth Advisory Committee (YAC)
Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) for the Keweenaw Community Foundation or the Baraga Community Foundation is an opportunity for youth to be involved in determining the needs of young people in your community and make decisions about how the Youth Endowment Fund is used. If you are interested in becoming a YAC member please see the information below.

Copper Country Humane Society
Copper Country Humane Society is a non-profit agency dedicated to the welfare and humane treatment of animals. Volunteers can assist with shelter activities, provide foster care, help with fundraising, office tasks, and public outreach. If you like dogs and cats, you can help by walking the dogs and socializing with the cats. If you are interested in volunteering at the Humane Society

Keweenaw Krayons
Keweenaw Krayons of Mohawk provides children, adults and seniors with the opportunity to explore their creative and artistic talents. Volunteers are needed for data entry, help with the drop in program, print or package greeting cards, shovel, fundraising etc. If you are interested in volunteerin

Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly
Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly is a national non-profit volunteer based organization committed to relieving isolation and loneliness among the elderly. Volunteers are involved in a variety of things including: visiting elderly persons, visiting during social gatherings, cooking, baking for parties, cutting firewood, helping with food drives and helping with office tasks like mailings and photography. Find out how you can help Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly

Portage Health System
Portage Health System provides quality and diverse health care services to the Western Upper Peninsula. A variety of volunteer opportunities are available through Portage Health System. Volunteers need to be at least 14 years of age or older. This could be an excellent opportunity for a teen that is considering a career in the health care field. If you are interested in volunteering at Portage Health System visit their website or contact their Director of Volunteer Services listed below.

Dial Help
Dial Help is a non-profit human services agency that provides crisis intervention and counseling, problem assistance, referrals, education and training. High school students can volunteer at Dial Help for required school projects, or other activities like assisting with recycling, spring-cleaning, brochure development, web page development and fundraising. If you are interested
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